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Miss Earth : NEWS

 October 14, 2001 " MY FIRST 10 FAVES IN THE FIRST ANNUAL MS. EARTH by JayceeG"

I was already working as a reporter for a TV network when Manila played host to 77 delegates in the 44th Annual Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant.  It was then an awesome experience for me seeing the world’s loveliest ladies sashaying in their loveliest gowns and flashing their winning smiles to everyone who attended that appreciation ball sponsored by an airline company.  Seeing the ladies up close somehow gives you a better view who really has the most complete package among a field of equally gorgeous rivals.  When India’s Sushmita Sen won that year’s crown, I wasn’t at all surprised.  The only time I met her personally, she was all over the hotel ballroom, shaking hands and making friends with everyone.

 Several years later, I experienced attending my second international pageant. Sheryl Moraga was then representing the Philippines in the Miss Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant and a friend literally dragged me to attend the talent night.  It was an altogether different experience.  After all the talents have been performed, the night ended with some disco dancing.  I had the privilege to dance with Misses Korea, Australia, and Macau.  The last even apologized for not being a good dancer since, according to her, there are not too many discos in her country.

I was able to predict that year’s winner.  Emma Savanalat of Thailand, who played a native musical instrument for the talent competition, exuded grace, charm and confidence all throughout the pageant.  She was a winner right from the very start.

It had to take four years before I got my third invitation to attend an international beauty contest.  Manila is again playing host to a large number of delegates from all over the world.  After my two previous pageant experiences I said: well, Miss Earth’s just going to be like the other two.  Just when I thought that a beauty pageant is a beauty pageant is a beauty pageant, I was proven wrong.

 Last Thursday, thanks to my friend Gerry Diaz of Mabuhay Pageants, I was able to attend the press presentation of the very first Miss Earth Beauty Pageant.  The thought that this was Miss Earth’s first year gave me a good feeling.  I knew I was witnessing beauty pageant history unfolding right before my very eyes.  That afternoon, 35 lovely ladies paraded before a very appreciative media.  All the girls were simply spectacular.  Everyone had something very special to offer. Among those who caught my attention were, in no particular order:

1- Estonia 2- Ethiopia 3- Kazakhstan 4- Argentina 5- Denmark 6- Latvia 7- Kenya 8- Philippines 9- India 10- Nicaragua

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Brazil, Croatia, El Salvador, Malaysia, USA and Zanzibar would pull off surprises - but I guess it’s just too early to tell. The pageant has only been ongoing for barely a week and, come to think of it, the roster of delegates isn’t yet complete so let’s not get too carried away with initial trending. As they say, “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” I would love to see the girls some more in the next few rounds of competition.  In the final analysis, however, the big winner here is none other than the world of pageantry.  The launching of Miss Earth truly heralds a new chapter in beauty pageant history as we see it serving as a catalyst of change - bringing significance to what used to be a mere contest of physical loveliness.