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Miss Earth : NEWS

 October 13, 2001 India wins Best in National Costume; Bolivia makes a dramatic entrance by Kyle T.

National costumes- muy grandiosa!

At the plush Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental Manila, the 37 official delegates (with the addition of Miss Australia and Miss Bolivia + the expected arrival of 5 other delegates on Sunday) were presented in their respective national costumes. Mabuhay Pageants was well represented in the event with Gerry Diaz, Boyet Blas, Joseph Vitug, and kyle t. all in attendance.

The ladies, more lovely as each day passes by, were all garbed in attires evoking national pride. And as they introduced themselves one by one, an additional explanation was given as to what is being symbolized by their costumes. Some of them brought heavily-adorned designs (like Misses Brazil, Panama, Japan and Singapore), while a good number played safe with lightweight numbers (like Misses Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Denmark, and USA). The more elegant pieces, though, were worn by Misses Philippines, India, Ethiopia, and Thailand.

The first part of the auction was likewise conducted with delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Estonia, and Gibraltar presenting souvenir items unique from their country of origin. Miss Argentina's unique gold-plated container and peeler was auctioned for US$100.00, while Gibraltar's set of crystal goblets fetched the same amount. Miss Estonia, however, was able to sell her own painting of two large hands holding the earth for US$200.00, the same figure Miss Colombia had for her brass ashtray.

But since the announcement of the winner for Best National Costume was eagerly awaited by the audience, the auction was cut short (to be continued during other sponsors' nights). It did not come as a surprise that MISS INDIA, SHAMITA SINGHA, was voted by the panel of judges headed by Intercon Manila GM Michael Hermann and Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1991 Alou Gonzales. She was indeed a lovely choice among all the delegates, although we cannot help but gush as well on Miss Philippines' all-white "Pearl of the Orient Seas" gown that drew a lot of applause and the Crouching Tiger-inspired (complete with sword) one of Miss Singapore.

Afterwards, some of the ladies (now in cocktail dresses) joined the audience in picture-takings, brief chats/interviews, and the like. As always, the more effervescent and sociable among them stood out, such as Misses Estonia, Brazil, Gibraltar, Singapore, India, Guatemala, and Russia. All in all, it was a successful affair.

Photos: (top to bottom) Delegates getting ready to enter the stage; Spectacular Miss Earth Panama costume; Miss Earth Kazakhstan; Nardos of Ethiopia describing her costume