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Miss Earth : NEWS

 October 13, 2001 AFRICA LAUNCHES AN ATTACK by Gerry Diaz
I have always awaited with much anticipation the arrival of the African beauties. That they were among the last to arrive added only to the suspense. The initial excitement you showed with Miss Ethiopia's initial photo was not unfounded. The following are the African delegates to Miss Earth 2001.


1. ETHIOPIA - Nardos "Epiphany" Tilahun received the most applause during the press presentation. Her exotic beauty, slim body and nice legs wowed the audience. Among the delegates, she had the best catwalk, even better than Miss Brazil. Top 10 material.

2. KENYA - Aqua Bonsu has the prettiest face in their batch. always well-groomed, she has mastery of make-up that enhances her black beauty. Nice, elegant walk too.

3. TANZANIA - Hilda Bokozo has a photogenic face and also has nice, shapely legs tho' a little heavy on the hips. She got a lot of attention for her exotic, ethnic hairstyle that is uniquely her own.

4. ZANZIBAR - Fatima Nanty, long-haired beauty also demonstrated a nice catwalk and again had nice legs. Looks like they came from the same fashion school since they all seemed to have good runway skills. AFRICA, thank you for giving us these lovely ladies. Hope to see more of your lovely women next year !