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Miss Earth : Interviews : Miss Tanzania : Hilda Bukozo

By Kyle T.

The Mabuhay Pageants team initially planned to draw lots on who is going to interview who.  But after awhile, we all decided to just group the ladies in alphabetical order then pick a piece of paper containing a list of around 6-7 countries.  I got the last batch (which included Russia, Singapore, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, USA, and Venezuela).  But with so many press people around trying to get their attention, I was only able to take quick Q&As with five of them, and was unable to speak to Russia and Spain.  We prepared 24 questions all in all and asked each of them at random.  Here then are my brief talks with 5 of the candidates. Miss Tanzania, Hilda Bukozo

 Before arriving here, what are the first words/things that come to mind when you hear the word "Philippines"?  And now that you’re here, what’s your impression of this country so far?

"…my impression of the Philippines?  From my geography knowledge, I knew it was much like Tanzania, and then the people, I heard that they are good people, so I have to do some research before I came here. And so I said that I was going somewhere exactly like home but with a difference.  But now that I’m here, ooowwww!  There’s a lot of them!  From the airport, the people are so good…they are all taking care of us…they’re good,  and then the government here and the contestants are great…and I’m so happy to be here!"

 After the pageant is over, what kind of personality do you want the other candidates to remember you by?

 "…oh, humor and caring…I’m the second one in the family and the first girl, I want to become a mother to the other girls, also now, even in my first few hours, I am a mother and a sister to a few and I’m sure as we continue, I’m going to be of service by talking, sharing problems, and if we can talk psychological problems, emotional problems, family problems…and then humor, I like laughing! I want them to make me laugh and I want to make them laugh and have fun!

If you win the Miss Earth Pageant, people will look up to you with high expectations. How do you propose to make a difference?

"…Education, people need to hear, people need to know what’s going on in this planet, the destruction, what is happening, people need to understand especially in detail, like the air pollution.  There are people who have not been into school and people who may not be interested in knowing these things.

How will they know if they are not educated about it?

Education will be my main goal."

As a beauty queen, you are expected to stay fit and healthy, name me one food you cannot resist eating.

 "…oh a lot, but I cannot resist eating chocolates!"