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Miss Earth : Interviews : Miss NICARAGUA : Karla Jose Leclair Monzon

By Josep Vitug
 1. Q: What makes you sad?  Happy?

 A: What makes me sad is discrimination.  What makes me happy is to see the smile of a child on the street.

2. Q: What was the one decision you’ve made that you’re most proud of?

A: Being given the opportunity to promote my Latin roots, my Nicaraguan culture, and transmit all this to the world.

3. Q: How would you like to be remembered?

A: I would like to be remembered for my good heart and for my simple personality.

 4. Q: If you have the chance to discover the fountain of youth or find the cure for cancer, what would you choose?

A: Cure for cancer.  Every woman has a right to be alive.  In fact, I am willing to sacrifice my life and my youth if it would mean curing somebody suffering from cancer.