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Miss Earth : Interviews : Miss NETHERLAND - Jamie Lynn Huisman

By Joseph Vitug

Jamie-Lynn is a very fun, lively and funny lady – an animated and vivacious conversationalist.  It was an extremely enjoyable experience chatting with her after the National Costume presentation – we are both big Madonna fans and she got to see the opening concert of the Drowned World tour in Barcelona, Spain. We also share the same basic philosophy: “Be yourself”.  The entire interview and conversation with her was a pure unadulterated delight.  Besides the questionnaire below, I also mentioned to her about how I found her costume presentation hilarious, and also about how in the Miss Universe these days, it seems that the Dutch delegates wear this orange gown instead of the usual Dutch dress that we know.  She explained to me how the orange gown represents the queen of Holland, as she belongs to the house of Orange and resides in Oranjestad.  I’d love to talk to her more when I have the time, and hopefully continue corresponding with her when the pageant is over…

1. Q:  Now that you’re here, what’s your impression of this country so far?

 A:  It is definitely very different from my country, it surprises me, oh my God! The people here are honest, nice, sweet and everything.  It’s also quite an experience seeing the streets and the traffic.

2. Q:  Have you done any special preparation for this contest?  If yes, what is it?

 A:  None!  I only joined this contest two days before [the original representative] was about to leave.  [The original representative] urged me to go because she told me “you’re a model, you’re more prepared…”

3. Q:  What is the current environmental issue affecting your country right now and what is being done about it?

 A:  In Holland, we have good waste management and good cleaners, and we also have Greenpeace.  However, there are people who keep on throwing garbage in our waterways.  All these people do not realize that we have to keep our waterways free from garbage.

4. Q: How would you counter some people’s negative perception on pageants?

A: Before, I was scared of what other people say or think.  So far, I like it, meeting with so many people of different countries. I like to know the languages and relish this whole big experience [interacting with] many different countries.

 5. Q:  What is most important for you in joining any contest: to win, to place, or to participate?

 A:  Just to be there and join.  It’s nice to win, but it’s not like if I win I’ll be happy.  I join for the experience.

6. Q:  If you were chosen Miss Earth, what activities and/or causes would you intend to focus during your reign?

 A:  I’d like to have an arrangement to help Holland with the garbage and things. I also would like to help out other countries with their problems, especially the poorer ones, since Holland is wealthy [enough to help out the others].

 [Brackets are used to make the context of Jamie-Lynn’s statements clearer…]