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Miss Earth : Interviews : Miss KENYA: Aqua Bonsu

By Joseph Vitug

Aqua is a very sweet, charming, and self-effacing lady – believe her when she declares she’s humble. One of the best-looking Africans I’ve seen. FYI: She’s actually born in Ghana to a Ghanaian father and a Kenyan mother but grew up in Kenya. She got the name “Aqua” not because her parents have a fixation with water, but because in Ghana’s native language, it means “Wednesday” and she was born on a Wednesday.

1. Q: Considering the peace crisis happening around the world right now, how will you defend beauty pageants like Miss Earth to people who think that it is just a waste of time and money? A: We are here because we want to protect our Earth. Just like in Miss World where they raise funds for charity, this contest has a cause which is protecting the earth, and in turn also taking care of the welfare of our society and everything else that concerns the earth. This pageant has a purpose.

2. Q: This is the very first Miss Earth pageant. In the event that you win the title which promotes “Beauties with a cause”, people will look up to you with both amusement and high expectations. How do you propose to make a difference? A: I’m a person who has to stay as humble as I can as I know “Pride goes before a fall”. If I win Miss Earth I will do all the duties that are required of me and I’ll do my best to act as an ambassador for this cause.

3. Q: As a Miss Earth delegate, what is the most important environmental concern that your own country should address? What can you do to help? A: In Kenya right now, there is deforestation going on. What I have done was back during our local pageant with fellow candidates we visited the community around our National Park where there was the most deforestation and we informed them and showed them how trees are very important to our environment. We also stressed to them that for every tree that is chopped they should plant another tree in its place.

4. Q: What kind of personality will the other candidates remember you by after the pageant is over? A: A humble person.

5. Q: As a beauty queen, you are always expected to stay fit and healthy, name me one food item you just cannot resist eating? A: French fries.

6. Q: People always think that beauty queens are “larger than life”, how can you convince them that you are just as normal as anybody else? A: We are here living in the same world with the same eyes, the same ears, the same hands, the same feet. It does not change whatever we are, we are all human.

P.S. Please correct what the name I used for Miss Netherlands -- she's Jamie Lee, not Jamie Lynn... And please put Miss New Zealand's name, Abbey Flynn... Thank you... JUST ME! JOSEPH