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Miss Earth : Interviews : Miss KAZAKHSTAN : Margarita Kravstova

By Joseph Vitug

Interviewing delegates whose command of English is rather limited and with the absence of translators around could be rather frustrating.  Still, despite the language barrier, one of the most important considerations is to put your subject at ease, and perhaps scuttle the original questions you intend to ask the subject.  That’s what happened in this case.

I got to chat with this sweet, charming, and lovely lady a couple of times, first in the first official press presentation and second after the National Costume presentation.  After the first press presentation, I got the fortune to approach her and I greeted her with the compliment that I think she should have been crowned Miss World instead of Priyanka, and congratulated her on her placement among the Top 24 in Global Beauties’ Internet Era No. 1 Beauty search. We discussed about the weather, and that at that moment she wants to take a swim at the hotel pool because of the warm weather (well, it was warm despite the overcast skies that hovered above, holding back its downpours at that moment when otherwise it will release a torrent of showers).  It was a warmly cordial conversation we’re having that I didn’t have the guts to proceed with asking her the questions from my prepared questionnaire.  Besides, there was Miss Russia beside her, and I wanted to be considerate with he r so I also chatted with her – also about the weather.  Miss Russia mentioned to me how it is a sharp contrast from her birthplace in Siberia (we all know how extremely cold it is there), and she asked me if our weather is always like this… I told her that sometimes it’s all hot sun.  With other activities to attend to, the delegates were soon whisked away after that…

I attempted to proceed with my prepared questionnaire during the second occasion we got to meet.  I only managed a mere three questions because it’s quite tough trying to make the questions simple enough for her to comprehend…  I suggested we’ll continue our interview some other time.  She can clearly carry a conversation with the simplest English words, but a few more complex ones are beyond her comprehension as of now.  Still, nevertheless, I find her smart enough and a charming lady with a good heart.  I feel she would probably be able to actually give real substantial answers if there is someone on hand that can translate my questions to her.  Anyway, here’s an attempt to create the right context of what she’s trying to communicate:

 1. Q:  What makes you happy?  What makes you sad?

A:  I’m happy whenever I’m with my family.  I’m sad when anyone in my family is not well or when I hear something bad about our planet.

2. Q:  What are the most important qualities a woman must have?

 A:  She should be natural, elegant, an interesting person, and educated.

3. Q:  If you were chosen Miss Earth, what activities and/or causes would you intend to focus on during your reign?

A:  Pursue further education and studies back in Alma Ata [Kazakhstan’s capital] especially since there are a lot of college programs in that city.  I would also like to deal with the gases in our atmosphere.