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Miss Earth : Interviews : Miss ITALY : Monica Rosetti

By JayceeG
For 1997 Miss USA Brooke Lee, real satiation could only be achieved by “eating all the food in the world - twice.”  Well, that answer gave her not just the laughs from a very amused audience but eventually the judges’ nod   for that year’s Miss Universe crown.  Unlike Ms. Lee who may have to do some traveling to get her wish fulfilled, 19-year-old Monica Rossetti, Italy’s representative in the ongoing Miss Earth Pageant in Manila, needn’t go very far to experience true gastronomic delight.

 Asked which food items she simply cannot resist eating, Monica’s quick answers were: “Ah, pasta!  Pizza and spaghetti!”  Her response somehow didn’t surprise me.  Pizza and spaghetti are, after all, the two Italian staples that are most familiar to Filipinos. Monica’s love for her own native dishes is not the only proof of her loyalty to everything Italian.

 A resident of Milan, she considers her being an all-Italian girl as the most endearing quality that Miss Earth delegates will always remember of her after the pageant is over. “I really represent Italy.  Physically, I have black hair and green eyes.  I represent the true Mediterranean woman,” Monica proudly told me. Though young and hardly conversant in the English language, Monica proved to be a very interesting interviewee.  One will really see how hard she tries to understand questions, how patiently she tries to find the right words to say and how amazingly she proves she has substance way beyond her age. 

Her platform should she win the crown is both profound and realistic. “I’ll try to address the pollution (problem).  I live in Milan.  People don’t care about the problem.  Someone has to make one little choice to better the world.  We can make that choice,” she said.

 Cognizant that an international beauty title can only be a stepping-stone - at most, Monica knows exactly how she can milk the opportunity to influence people should she come home with the proverbial bacon.  Asked how she would propose to make a difference as Miss Earth, her reply was “Newspapers in Italy will support me.  I will promote a beautiful world on radio and TV.

While most people think beauty titles are becoming a dozen too many and are no more than cheap meat markets, Ms. Italy was quick to defend the Miss Earth Organization, “Miss Earth is very important.  It is not just (about) beauty.  It is (about) nature as well.  It is for civilized people.” 

When I heard her response, I was sure she didn’t mean to offend other pageant organizers but was only articulating how this civilization must take good care of the environment. All in all, Monica struck me as a very sensible and beautiful young woman.  She may not have the best catwalk among this year’s delegates nor the most stunning face compared to the other hopefuls, but she certainly has her own set of qualities that make her one special person.  She may or may not bring a tiara back home to Italy, but win or lose, this sweet girl will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who will get the chance to really know her as she chooses to remain simple and level-headed.

People see the celebrity in us (beauty queens) because they see us on TV for a few hours.  In real life, I’m normal.  I make the same choices like everyone else,” she humbly said. I can only wish Miss Italy the best of luck in the pageant.  She may not be among the most popular choices as of now, but I see why Italy couldn’t have made a better choice in Monica.  Viva Italia!