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Miss Earth : Interviews : Miss DENMARK : Catherine Svensson

By Kyle T.


This lovely and statuesque Scandinavian from the land of the Little Mermaid and the world's oldest rollercoaster is actually one of the earliest arrivals among this year's Miss Earth candidates. By now, she is already well-adjusted to the hot and humid weather, despite coming from a country where the temperature seldom hits the 20s. There are no surprises in my interview with her because I had already anticipated a lady who is both level-headed and intelligent. Read on and see what I mean:

How is the Philippines so far?

'…I like it very much. Very different from where I come from but it's very nice. This is my first time in Asia so this is all very new to me."

Who's your roommate?


Since both of you come from Europe, are there other things that you still have to adjust to in terms of differences and the like?

"…We come from countries very close, especially that she lives in Sweden. So we're very, very close countries. I've heard about Estonia but I don't know much about those new block of countries yet."

What is your current educational background?

"…I'm studying law, and I'm in Third Year."

So that means you're already taking all the major subjects?

"…Well, starting next year."

Eventually, what branch of law do you want to specialize in?

"…Among others, European Union Law, so that means I have to take up a required field of study before I can go into that."

Any special preparations for the Miss Earth Pageant before you came here?

"…Not really, but because we all have some kind of environmental background back home, this is just continuing what we have already learned before. I will study environmental laws when I get to that point. That should be quite interesting. I've learned a lot about it already by just being here. It's interesting."

Did you come here to win, to place, or to participate in the Miss Earth Pageant?

"I came to participate. And for me, that's a very honest answer. It could also be destiny because I only found out that I am joining this pageant two weeks before I left for Manila and so many things are happening really fast. It's just been an amazing idea of being here, participating in the contest and spending three weeks in the Philippines. It's amazing!"